Meet your Area Managers

Collectively Area Managers bring over 100 years’ experience (yes, 100 years!) working with and supporting people with Learning Disabilities including, but not limited to: ADHD; Asperger & Autism Spectrum Disorder; Cerebral Palsy; Down Syndrome and more. 

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Simon Hathaway

I started  working in care in 2008, first as a Care Assistant, progressing to Student Nurse and Care Coordinator. 

I have worked in the Learning Disabilities sector since 2014, during this time I have also volunteered and worked as a Special Olympics Basketball Coach for the East Herts region.

I joined The Inclusion Project in February 2016. During my time with The Inclusion Project I have managed to develop my career – combining my experience and passion for care and working with people with Learning Disabilities, starting as a part-time Group Leader, to a full-time Group Leader, then an Area Manager for Broxbourne and St Albans, followed by my current role as Recruitment Manager.

North London

Peter Seymour

I started working with young adults with Learning Disabilities in 2012, and joined The Inclusion Project in 2016. 

This was a complete career change for me. Previously I had worked in the financial services industry as an Independent Financial Adviser, and also worked in the training department of a large insurance company.

When I took redundancy about 6 years ago I decided to change career direction completely. 

North West Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire

James Graham

My journey working with people with Learning Disabilities started when I was in primary school, I was a ‘befriender’ and used to spend lunchtimes playing   with the ‘special needs kids’ in the separate building on my school’s grounds...

...I worked at the college in Herts for almost 13 years in total within the Supported Learning departments, starting as a Support Assistant, gaining my DTLLS and becoming a Tutor. 

I met and taught with Simon Jackson-Turner, we team taught our own sports sessions together. When he started The Inclusion Project, I wanted to join once the academic year was over as I did not want to let down my students at the time and help people after their educational lives. The Inclusion Project is the answer to that.

North West London

Cameron Walters

I have been working with young people with Learning Disabilities for almost a decade now. I started my career working for a small care company in St Albans, before moving on to working at a college, supporting students with varying levels of Learning Disabilities, eventually gaining a teaching qualification.  

I relished the chance to run my own area of The Inclusion Project, and have never looked back.

South Bedfordshire

Bea Chase 

I have supported young persons with Learning Disabilities in a variety of roles for more than 22 years, my initial interest being ignited when a family member was diagnosed with Autism.

I began my path as Teaching Support Assistant with a Moderate Learning Disabilities (MLD) secondary school working as classroom Support Assistant and then quickly moving up to the role of PE Department Support Assistant. Tag rugby being my forte at the time. 

Swindon and Oxford

James Harpum 

I grew up with my sister having Rett Syndrome, a very rare disability that affects a small number of women. We had constant support and involvement with service providers and I helped my parents to care for my sister until she passed away at 16. 

After my education finished I moved to London where I worked in a number of companies in a variety of back office support roles. 

After becoming unfulfilled in the work I did I wanted to seek out a new, more rewarding challenge. 

West Hertfordshire

Cameron Greer 

I have worked in the care sector for over 15 years. Working for 8 years in an educational environment at a Herts based Special Educational Needs college. I have also worked for several other schemes including the St Albans Special Olympics.