Please read below what some of our Participants, Participant Families/Guardians and Professionals think about The Inclusion Project.

In life many people like to complain and moan, we are lucky in our business to be able to say we provide a great service so fortunately we do get a lot of great feedback.

Because of this I would like you to know that my family thinks the Inclusion Project is amazing.  It is extremely well run and efficient.  All of the staff we have met so far are bubbly, caring, calm and genuinely happy people.  You are clearly choosing the most capable people to work with your Team and not just employing anyone who comes along.

So when Maggie Hall came to my door it was like a breath of fresh air, we realised we knew Maggie from Southfields and I am so happy to say that Maggie’s exuberance is shared by Johnny, Kerry and Cheryl.  I mustn’t forget the Drama group either with Jasmine – Sophie is truly in her element there.

Sophie ‘s happiness and wellbeing is paramount and I am thrilled to say she loves the IP and Staff.  It is difficult to let your beloved child go off with strangers but your Team are like good friends to her, she knows she is being well looked after.

I have already recommended the IP to many of my friends who are due to leave School in the future.  Thank God I have found you guys. Your Team need a big pat on the back, they are at the front line of your Company and they are doing you proud.  Well done.

I just wanted to say how much Joseph enjoys attending the Inclusion Project on a Monday. He has made new friends and definitely grown in confidence since he started with you. Joseph doesn't have much independence from us and this works perfectly for all of us. It gives him a chance to do something fun, make friends and spend time away from us with people that want to get the most out of him. It is nice when he comes home now on a Monday he has something to share with us about his day.   I remember when you said you were launching this project I knew it would be popular, as in our experience there is a massive gap for young people like Joseph to have the opportunity to socialise and have some independence away from their families. I hope Joseph can continue with the Inclusion Project as long as possible and hope your Project continues to grow. I am sure you will have no shortage of young people wanted to take part.   Many thanks Sian Boskovic (Parent of an Inclusion Project Participant) 

The Inclusion Project has had a hugely positive impact on my son Daniel. He left college last July and the future seemed very frightening.  The inclusion project has changed Daniel's life. It has provided him with an opportunity to socialise with other young adults in a safe non judgemental environment resulting in him making real friends for the first time. The activities he takes part in encourage him to be fit and active which is essential for his physical and mental health. Daniel is learning skills to help him become more independent such as shopping, budgeting money and cooking for himself as well as taking part in a work experience activity. The staff at the Inclusion Project are professional as well as friendly and welcoming. Daniel trusts the staff and has built up good relationships with them. Daniel needs routine and a sense of purpose to thrive and the Inclusion Project gives him this. In addition to this the Inclusion Project has had a great impact on  our family and has enabled Daniel to feel that his life experiences are equivalent to his mainstream siblings giving him a meaningful social life outside of the family environment. We believe that the Inclusion Project helps to keep Daniel physically and mentally well and has substantially enhanced and improved Daniel's life.
Jacqueline Bernard (Parent of an Inclusion Project Participant) 

The inclusion project has been a truly wonderful experience for our son since it began in January. It allows him the freedom to enhance his life skills experiences in a very safe environment whilst allowing him the chance to reach his potential and independence. The staff are wonderful and very skilled in what they do. He is among other young adults with whom he is making friendships and doing a very varied programme full of exciting activities. We are very lucky and privileged that he has this opportunity .We hope that many other young adults may benefit from this very unique and fabulous project.    Marie McKinlay (Parent of an Inclusion Project Participant)    


Our daughter has been attending The Inclusion Project for almost a year.  She is always enthusiastic about being picked up which is a good indicator for us as parents.  The Project is enabling her to continue to improve on her independence and communication skills with support.  This is important with her transitioning into adult life.   Maria Willcock (Parent of an Inclusion Project Participant)     


The Inclusion Project is great. I get to meet my friends and do fun activities like swimming and playing golf and bowling we also get to go out for lunch. The inclusion project is a really good name for it.   Daniel Bernard (Inclusion Project Participant)  

My daughter has attended The Inclusion Project twice a week since the beginning of this year.  She is 23 years old and no longer attends college.  According to her local education authority "She has plateaued".  She enjoys all the activities and has the opportunity to socialise with other adults of a similar age. I am happy that she is in the hands of competent carers who understand her needs and keep her safe.   She is picked up and dropped home by car which allows me as her main carer to have a set period of respite each week (approx: 12 hours) which is much needed. The Inclusion Project is unique in its foresight to what adults with special needs require.   Rather than staying at home isolated from her local community, she now enjoys activities and socialising with her peers as any young adult of her age would.   Mairead Spiers (Parent of an Inclusion Project Participant) 

When I found out about The Inclusion Project, I felt so overjoyed because it was exactly what I was looking for. Pick up and drop off, as I'm partially sighted and getting my son around was a problem. Small groups where he is able to socialise with other young men his age and learn communication skills. And for him to be able to stay active and be helped in making healthy lunch choices. Not to go for chips and beans every time. He is autistic and falls into a rut with everything. My son loves going. He has never been this excited about any other activity. He has built up such a great friendship with Cameron and the others...I'm trying to get him some more hours of Direct Payments, so he can access more over the holidays, as if not all he does is sit in front of CBeebies all day! (Parent of an Inclusion Project Participant) 

Our daughter loves The Inclusion Project and we very much appreciate the service too. The door to door transport is essential for us as we have no car.

The Project has been a life line for our daughter. She was at a very low point when we were made aware of your organisation and it has changed things dramatically for her. I know her new social worker is impressed too. She is a very complex person and it is a credit to the staff that she has settled so well.

Sarah loves The Inclusion Project and the various activities.

We agree whole heartedly with the aims of The Inclusion Project

I really like the Inclusion Project and it is good fun. I go on Wednesdays and Thursdays and also do Drama in the evenings and Gateway disco on Friday night. We do activities like golf, bowling, tennis and swimming and have lunch together. I usually go with Bea and she is very kind but all the leaders are nice and we have fun. They teach me how to budget my money so I don't spend it all on lunch and how to ask for things in shops and cafes. We all decide what to do together and they help us to compromise which is ok because the next time you get to do your thing. I was one of the first participants and Simon Jackson Turner is really brilliant...he does lots of paperwork and sorts out everything. I know all the leaders and they know how to joke with me especially about Arsenal. They know if you feel down and look after you. I am so happy to be in the Inclusion project and I like doing all the activities. I am giving it 5 stars because it is so good. (Daniel Bernard - Participant) 

I would recommend this project I have gained so much confidence and I love going out with James or any of the instructors they are all very polite and I will always let them know if I had any worries :) I have been doing this project since 6th January each week has been great :) I am look forward to going every week wether it Tuesday or Friday I always have a amazing time and the best part it definitely fun and normally I don't want to go home when it drop off time.

Since attending the Inclusion Project my son's life has changed dramatically for the better.  His communication skills have improved and he is much better at conveying his choices now, which is thanks to the wonderful staff who actually offer choices and listen to what the young people want.  He has the best social life and such a lovely group of friends both service users and workers.  For David it is as if he is attending days out with his friends, while all the time learning new skills.

For me, as his parent it is peace of mind that all staff have the correct training, especially for David in epilepsy .I have found them all pleasant, kind and happy to give an over obsessive parent (me) good feedback and listen and adhere to my worries or concerns.  Long may it continue.

Definitely five stars!

Hey so what do you want me to say when I started I had walls around me and from then to now its crumbling down and its letting people in which is a good thing. I love the fact we all have fun wherever we go including the activities the leaders give out hope and a shoulder to lean on along with laughter and smiles. the other members are really cool but I have not go to know them well enough but we get along pretty well I guess the Inclusion Project has the whole package two thumbs up for me.

Hi Simon , 

Max is Autistic & has limited speech , but has thoroughly enjoyed his days out with The Inclusion Project . His leader Cameron has been amazing, always letting us know what he will be doing each day & being really calm & understanding with various things Max needs help with. He is alway punctual & we feel safe letting him drive him.

I can only repeat what I have said before. We are thrilled with the service. Darren loves the activities and meeting up with peers who are now becoming friends. We are so impressed by the energy and commitment of the staff who support the young people .