Kasra (Parent)

Our daughter has been in supported living since 21.11.2017 where she had been bored, depressed & prone to frequent meltdown. However, since joining Peter at The Inclusion Project she is like a new person. She has not had meltdowns, [she is] happy, vibrant & full of hope joy...I cannot praise Peter & his team enough, talk about the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and that's from the whole family. Let’s hope it continues.

Many thanks to Peter, Brett, Jasmin, Sonia, Rosie & everyone else involved in this worthwhile project.


When Maggie Hall came to my door it was like a breath of fresh air... I am so happy to say that Maggie’s exuberance is shared by (Group Leaders) Johnny, Kerry and Cheryl.  I mustn’t forget the Drama group either with Jasmine – Sophie is truly in her element there.

Sophie ‘s happiness and wellbeing is paramount and I am thrilled to say she loves The Inclusion Project and Staff.  It is difficult to let your beloved child go off with strangers but your Team are like good friends to her, she knows she is being well looked after.


I have already recommended The Inclusion Project to many of my friends who are due to leave School in the future.  Thank God I have found you guys. Your Team need a big pat on the back, they are at the front line of your company and they are doing you proud.  Well done.

Marianne and James (Parents)

What a huge difference Peter and his team have made to James's life. He has not been out in the community with similar aged young adults participating in fun activities in all his 17 years. Given James's level of severity it is hard for us, the parents, to trust carers fully and know that they understand his needs and communication (he is completely non-verbal). Peter and Greg go above and beyond to ensure James is safe, happy and well cared for. He is gaining confidence and learning new skills with the support of Peter and his team in North London. The Inclusion Project has given us a real life line at a time when we desperately needed the support, as does James. I cannot thank you guys enough for being the best to

''really'' care and ''keep James safe''. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Jacqueline (Parent)

My son attends The Inclusion project and absolutely loves it. He enjoys all the sessions and is always learning from his experiences. The Inclusion Project gives him the opportunity to take part in sports like football, tennis, swimming and golf as well as learning life skills like budgeting his money or planning a route. He now has an amazing social life with friends he feels comfortable with. It has changed his life and I totally recommend it.

Sarah (Parent)

Our son left college and now attends The Inclusion Project. This is brilliant, he thoroughly enjoys every day, staff are wonderful and the variety of things they do is really good for his development and transition into adult life. The end of formal education was something we had been dreading more or less since his first day of school, as we were petrified he'd drop off a cliff edge with nothing to do. The Inclusion Project has provided exactly what he needed and we would thoroughly recommend it for anyone in a similar situation as we were.