If you would like some background information on any of our Group Leaders, in terms of their experience and qualifications etc, then please contact us and we will be happy to supply you with that information. It is important to us that you are comfortable with the Group Leader that will be working with you. 

Please send any information requests to - info@inclusionproject.co.uk

Thank you.

Group Leaders

Alan Snook

Anna Jennings

Anne Izedonmwen

Anthony Jennings

Anthony Towell

Anura Keppetipola

Brett Cahill

Cameron Greer

Cameron Walters

Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Opie

Cheryl Mucklin

Chloe Simson

Clint Austin

Cory Holgate

Dianna Rodway

Eleanor Childs

Greg Seymour

Hayley WIlson

Heather Malin

James Graham

Jade Marshall

Jasmine Knight

Jayde Dowler

Joanne Hough

Jonny Hage

Jonathan Cotgrove

John McKenna

Keii Roberts

Kerry Kane

Kerry Wardrobe

Kira Shults

Kirsty Chase

Leanne Walters

Lindsay Tearle

Lorna Fennel

Lorna Poppy

Maddy Miller

Maggie Cormack

Maggie Hall

Maggie Jackson

Marcus Sandiford

Maria Devine

Mery Rodrigues

Miriam Casal

Nicholas Rowatt

Paula Ransom

Nasrin Moghadam

Paul Sandiford

Peter Seymour

Pippa Bray

Rachael Waddingham

Rebecca Cahill

Rebecca Hinrichs

Rosie Slavin

Sally Solomon

Sarah Clark

Shauna Cummins

Simon Hathaway

Sonia Salcedo

Stacey Yau

Steve Lerwill

Tara Dean

Tracey Stitson

Tina Wilson

Troy Thompson

Vicky Smith

Vicky Teixeria

Vickie Wright

Vincent Devine